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Title: Memory is a Tenuous Thing (1/?)
Author: [personal profile] vicious_twilighter
Pairing/Characters: Chuck, Serena, mentions of Blair and Chuck/Blair
Rating: PG - 13 or light R
Spoilers: Up to episode 2.14
Disclaimer: I don't own Gossip Girl. Simple as that.
Summary: Chuck would do anything to save Blair. Even team up with a trained assassin, visit Brooklyn, trudge through sewer water, sleep in a dark alley, and commit a serious crime.
A/N: Wow, so I suck at summarizing things. I'm only posting this because this community seems pretty much dead. Its not very good, but the next chapter should be better (I hope).

Flickering Glimpses
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Title: Meet Me in Budapest
Author: [personal profile] shopfront
Pairing: Serena/Vanessa
Rating: G
Spoilers: Season 2 finale.
Disclaimer: Neither Gossip Girl, Serena or Vanessa belong to me, and this is a non-profit fanwork.
Warnings: none.

Summary: When Nate bails on his travel plans with Vanessa, Serena steps into the gap.

Meet Me in Budapest.
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her hair spread out in fiery points
gossip girl, blair/dan, rated pg- 13, words- 2339


Caught between two opposites and her heart thumps in response.

 She fears she'll never be ready.

notes: i got the idea for this while kateinslacks and i talked about the weather and eliot- hence the titles.

april is the cruelest month




when the rich wage war it's the poor who die )


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